[VIDEO] SH*T Corvette Z06 Owners Say


[VIDEO] SH*T Corvette Z06 Owners Say

I didn’t realize Corvette owners were so gangster as this Corvette owner portends to be in this NSFW tour of the C7 Corvette Z06.

The video is from the creative minds of the Muscle Vs Tuner youtube channel who so artfully showcase some of the stupid “s**t Corvette Z06 owners say”.

As Mr. Regular says, the Corvette is the most defended car model on the internet and so I can imagine the kind of comments this video is generating. This video is a parody so don’t go flying off the handle when you hear how this ‘Corvette Z06 owner’ named “Bob Reynolds” describes the car in obvious exaggerations and overt sexual innuendos.

But it is funny nonetheless so just go with the statements such as the Corvette runs on bald eagle spit, the vents were co-designed by NASA and NASCAR to be faster than Dale Jr, and the Z06 stands for “Zero to 60″ faster than he can drop a drunk girls panties at ‘The Applebees”.

Muscle Vs Tuner

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