[POLL] What’s Your Favorite New-for-2017 Corvette Color?


[POLL] What’s Your Favorite New-for-2017 Corvette Color?

It’s NCM Bash week which means we get to hear all of the down and dirty details of the next model of Corvettes first hand from Corvette team members. We already knew that we’d be getting four new exterior colors and that was confirmed earlier this week with the release of the 2017 Corvette Ordering Guide.

Two of the colors are returning old favorites from the C4 era and the other new are completely new to Corvette.

Admiral Blue

Once again we say hello to Admiral Blue and Black Rose Metallic. Admiral Blue debuted in 1994 and ran through 1996. Earlier this month, GM confirmed that Admiral Blue will be available for a short time late in the 2016 model run. It’s best known for being the hue on all 1,000 1996 Grand Sports. Black Rose Metallic first debuted on the

1992 Corvette and ran through 1994. In that run, just over 4,000 Corvettes were painted this color.

Black Rose Metallic

New Watkins Glen Gray Metallic replaces Shark Gray and will adorn the exterior off all 1,000 Collector Edition Grand Sports.

Watkins Glen Gray Metallic

The final new color is Sterling Blue. We hadn’t heard much about this silverish blue until this week. If you follow us on Facebook, though, we posted a sneak peek Wednesday night courtesy of our buddy Mike Furman and then a full spread on Thursday.

Watkins Glen Gray Metallic

So that’s a quick look at the 4 new Corvette colors for 2017. All are on display this week at the Michelin NCM Bash. If this blogger had to pick a favorite it would probably be Admiral Blue just by a lug nut over Black Rose. It’s a close race.

We’ve found that our color polls are pretty popular so let us know your favorite new-for-2017 color in our poll below.

What's your favorite new-for-2017 Corvette color?

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  1. Hi Keith, me again.

    Mag ride is, but is HUD standard in the Base GS?
    Can the GS be ordered without hash marks and the front to rear center stripe installed?
    Will there be interior color combos available without the bright colors, more subdued?
    Any idea when GM’s “Build” site will reflect 2017 models?

    Thanks a lot. Have a great evening.

  2. I have always been partial to Honduras Maroon on black… maybe it’s because as a high school sophomore, nothing looked better in my mind on a 327/340hp 1962 vette. Wish they still had that color. I have a question: has anyone ever tried to hang 1963/67 off-road exhaust on a 1958/62? Probably too many modifications to warrant the effort, but it could be very cool if done right. Thanks, and enjoying being a new member to this blog… keep it up!!

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