[PICS] Black Rose Metallic Returns to the 2017 Corvette


[PICS] Black Rose Metallic Returns to the 2017 Corvette

With the release of the 2017 Corvette Order Guide, we are pleased to see GM opting for something a little bit different when it comes to the four new exterior colors. We’ve already seen in person the new Admiral Blue and Watkins Glen Gray. The third new color is called Sterling Blue Metallic which we’ve read is a version of the dark blue Cadillac color called Adriatic Blue, but we do not have confirmation on that yet.

But it’s the fourth new color we are really jazzed about as Black Rose Metallic will return to Corvettes since it was last offered in the early 1990s.

Black Rose Metallic first debuted on the 1992 Corvette and it ran for three years, 1992-1994. The color was not for everyone although it earned a respectable 9.2% take on its first year before falling to 4.3% in 1993 and closing out at 5.4% in 1994. During the three year run, only 4,088 Corvettes out of 65,339 were featured in Black Rose Metallic making the three year production totals fairly rare.

To refresh your memory on how Black Rose Metallic looks, we had to turn to our sister website www.CorvetteImages.com and our friends at Atlanta’s BuyaVette.net for some archived photos of a 1992 Corvette Convertible wearing the color. Seeing it again, Black Rose does remind me more of a Burgundy than being a pure straight-up Purple car like many of the wraps we see today.

Black Rose Metallic Returns to the 2017 Corvette Black Rose Metallic Returns to the 2017 Corvette Black Rose Metallic Returns to the 2017 Corvette
Black Rose Metallic Returns to the 2017 Corvette Black Rose Metallic Returns to the 2017 Corvette Black Rose Metallic Returns to the 2017 Corvette

Because Chevrolet is bringing back the original name “Black Rose Metallic”, we do think they will use the retro version of the color as it was shown on the C4 Corvette. However, just to be on the safe side, we looked a the current color palettes on Chevrolet cars and found that the Chevy SS Sedan (the four-door Corvette!) also features a similar shade called Alchemy Purple:

Alchemy Purple 2016 Chevrolet SS

So know having showing you both new and old versions of what we think the new Black Rose Metallic Corvette exterior will look, what are your thoughts on the new color? Tell us in our comments section below or leave us a note on Twitter and Facebook.

Corvette Images

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  1. I personally I am a fan of purple. I think this color will look great with the C7 stingrays some what sharp lines!

  2. Stunning color. I’ve seen C4 coupe in Black Rose which was lovely the only color better than the Polo Green 94 which I had.. C7 in the same color, Wow, all I need now is a lotto win !!!!

  3. I’m stoked Chevy is bringing Black Rose Metallic back! I have a 94 coupe that I show and people love the color (and so do I as I have purple hair and finger/toe nails). I wish I could put up a picture of my vette here. You’d see why it won in all Vette shows. Oh, and it’s my daily driver too. Black Rose Metallic is NOT maroon; it’s purple with red metallic flakes..awesome. Black has always been the color for my vettes (and other cars) but Black Rose is beautiful.

  4. Black Rose isxacunique but fabulous color to display on the GrandcSport. The only issue is combining Black Rose With other accent colors or decals on its exterior. Could be an issue because of its unique color.

  5. I have stainless accents on my 94 coupe, carbon fiber over the “flags” on the emblems and stainless in the circle part of emblem; stainless door handles, stainless taillight covers, brake light, license plate frame that also covers the back up lights, and stainless lettering in back and on license plate cover. All this bling just enhances the color. I have original rims but just purchased 19s shiny chrome with low profile tires. This is my daily driver but I also show it and last year it won 2nd and 3rd in 2 all vette shows. People love it (and so do I)! Wish I could put up a picture.

  6. Last week I started my search for another “used” Black Rose Corvette. I called a friend who works for a Chevy dealer & asked him if he could help me find one. He mentioned that for 2017 Corvette was introducing that color again. The next day, I ordered a “NEW” 2017 Black Rose Corvette.

  7. I have had 5 corvette’s & loved them all-but my favorite was my 1994 Black Rose. Two week’s ago I decided to get another Corvette (a 1992-93 or 94) with my favorite color. After hour’s searching the net, I found one & made an appointment to check it out. Then decided to see what was new for 2017 just for fun and there it was–Black Rose. It took only second’s for me to decide that a new 2017 Black Rose would be in my garage. The next day my new Stingray was on order—Thank You G.M. for bringing that beautiful color back.

  8. We own a 92 black rose. Knew it was rare. Didn’t realize how sought after it is. The color sold us. Then he started it up. Awesome.

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