[PIC] Throwback Thursday: Car Spy Photographer Captures a Disguised 1984 Corvette Prototype


[PIC] Throwback Thursday: Car Spy Photographer Captures a Disguised 1984 Corvette Prototype
Photo Credit: Jim Dunne

It’s time once again for Throwback Thursday where we feature vintage photos of Corvettes. Here is a prototype of a 1984 Corvette complete with a disguise that isn’t fooling anyone now, nor did it fool the legendary car spy photographer Jim Dunne in 1982 who captured the car out at GM’s testing grounds in Milford.

On the day this photo was taken, the car spy photographer enlisted the services of his 17-year-old son Michael who recounts the story today at Forbes.com of how his dad came to take this photo of the 1984 Corvette:

We were on the road not long when the car spy reached back and pulled a Nikon with a high-powered lens from his leather case in the backseat.

Suddenly, things got very quiet, and a little tense.

The car spy had seen a speck of something in the distance. Coming our way along the north-south straightaway at GM’s main proving grounds, a blockbuster car: The super-secret next-generation Corvette.

There is much more to this story which you can read on Forbes.com.

Jim Dunne was still actively pursuing the latest cars when we started blogging about Corvettes in 2005 and one of his favorite targets was the Corvette. Check out some of our related posts below where Dunne caught the Corvette ZR1 testing at Milford and even described the sound of a supercharged V8. (Before it was officially named the ZR1, it was known as either the Blue Devil or the Corvette SS).

Dunne was master in the car spy photographer business. Renting an apartment across the street from Milford, trampling through woods or climbing a tree in pursuit of “the shot” were all some of his tricks. Dunne would also go on to mentor some other notable car spy photographers including Brenda Priddy and Chris Doane.

For even more car spy stories, check out Jim Dunne’s 2011 book titled Car Spy: Secret Cars Exposed by the Industry’s Most Notorious Photographer.


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