[VIDEO] The ProCharger i-1 is the World’s First Programmable Supercharger


[VIDEO] The ProCharger i-1 is the World's First Programmable Supercharger
Photo Credit: Procharger

The folks at ProCharger have become the first in the industry to offer programmable ratio transmission design, long considered the “Holy Grail” of supercharging.

A lot of companies have talked about it and tried to come up with it, but ProCharger says it’s the first to perfect such a system and bring it to market.

Best of all, now the company is offering the new supercharger system for C7 Corvettes.

What the new system means is that drivers can program the boost level they want to reach, while also programming the boost “curve” itself to help tremendously in traction limited situations.

“This latest addition to the ProCharger line produces not only the largest power gains but also the ultimate performance curve with an intelligent control system and an optional touch screen display,” says Ken Jones, ProCharger CEO.

Drivers can switch between three factory-supplied performance modes as well as a custom mode.

It wasn’t easy coming up with the new system, company officials say.

Known as the i-1 system, it took four years of an intensive research and development process to go from original design to testing.

“Several of the technologies that are present in the i-1 are not only new to ProCharger as a company but new to the entire industry,” says Cliff Hall, automotive engineering manager. “So we had to assemble the right team to make it happen, but I can’t emphasize how much of a team approach it’s been to get here and bring this revolutionary product to market.”

The company has produced a video explaining the new system and all the hard work it took to produce it.

The end result is a much more efficient supercharger, the company says, that produces cooler supercharger temperatures that mean drivers will see more power for the same boost level for the same stress on the engine.

As one ProCharger worker says in the video, you can take a mild-mannered street car and turn it into a race car.

CEO Jones concludes the i-1 is the ultimate. That just sounds like a challenge to the team at ProCharger to us.


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