Katech Track Attack Engine Package Gives C7 Corvette LT1 Over 650 hp without a Supercharger


Katech Track Attack Engine Package Gives C7 Corvette LT1 Over 650 hp without a Supercharger

If you’re devoted to serious track activities with your C7 Corvette Stingray and are tired of following the supercharged Z06s around, Katech Performance has some good news for you. They have developed what they call their Track Attack Engine Package that will give a normally aspirated LT1 over 650 horsepower without resorting to supercharging or turbocharging. Katech should be familiar to Corvette fans everywhere—they built the engines for Corvette Racing back in the days of the C5.R and the early C6.R. Katech has been building winning racing engines since 1982 and knows a thing or two about high performance.

Katech Track Attack Engine Package

The Track Attack Engine Package starts off with stroking the LT1 block out to a displacement of 427 cu. in. and then building it back up with:

  • Forged crankshaft, rods and pistons
  • Halltech C7 carbon fiber air intake system
  • Katech Camshaft
  • Katech Active Fuel Management delete billet valley cover
  • High-speed lifters
  • High lift valve springs
  • Valve spring locators
  • Intake and exhaust valve seals
  • Titanium valve spring retainers
  • LT-1 long stroke piston squirters
  • Katech CNC-ported cylinder heads

Katech Track Attack Engine Package Gives C7 Corvette LT1 Over 650 hp without a Supercharger

Advantages of Normally Aspirated Track Engines

Supercharging is currently all the rage and is a relatively painless way to give an engine a vast infusion of horsepower. But, for long days of track activities, a normally aspirated engine has a few advantages up its sleeve. Supercharger heat soak, as well as oil and coolant temperatures, can cause issues during long track sessions. A normally aspirated engine can give you a greater consistency of power delivery and it’s less likely to end a track session early due to excessive oil temperature.

The extra horsepower of supercharging doesn’t come free—the weight of the supercharger, intercooler assembly and related plumbing will add about 50 pounds to the car weight located near the front wheels were it is least desirable. The weight advantage goes to the normally aspirated engine.

Pricing for the Track Attack Engine Package has not yet been announced. It may not be inexpensive, but it will undoubtedly make you go faster. And, as they say, “Speed costs money, how fast do you want to go?”

For more details, please see the Katech website.

Katech via Autoevolution

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