[VIDEO] Humorous Cover Song Shows How Much a Man Loves His Corvette


[VIDEO] Humorous Cover Song Video Shows How Much a Man Loves His Corvette

The last time we wrote about songs and Corvettes, our words weren’t all that complimentary to the two wannabe performers whose music videos we featured.

In that same post, we also mentioned some of the Corvette songs that were tops in our book like George Jones’ “The One I Love Before” whose lyrics features a double meaning depending on who you think he was singing about. Was the “The one I loved before” about the Vette or the girl?

With that being said, we bring you some Friday afternoon entertainment featuring a singer/songwriter from Utah named Nate Terry who actually sent us an email to check out his video. Nate and his guest Mindy McKendrick sing a cover version of Megahan Trainor’s “Like I’m Going to Lose You” and the third star in the video is a C7 Corvette Stingray.

During the music video, Nate is seen paying more attention to his Corvette Stingray than the pretty girl and when you hear these lyrics, you wonder, is Nate singing about the girl or the Corvette?

Nate Terry on YouTube

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