[VIDEO] Why are Songs about Corvettes So Bad These Days?


[VIDEO] Why are Songs about Corvettes So Bad These Days?

I don’t profess to be a music critic, but I do check out nearly every song or video that comes across my timeline with the words “Corvette” in the title and they are almost always invariably bad.

Really bad.

The state of music these days allows anyone to mix a song on their iPads or laptops and emerging artists and wannabes want to record the next “Little Red Corvette” which, despite not actually being about a Corvette, is maybe the best of all time.

Maybe we were spoiled or perhaps its a generational thing. The Beach Boys were great at writing songs about Corvettes as well as Jan and Dean. George Jones also did the double entendre with his “Corvette Song” and a decade ago, David Ball’s “Private Malone” would give me goosebumps when listening to the story of a soldier who went to Vietnam and never came home, leaving a Sting Ray in the barn while his mother grieved.

I’m not hear to knock these new artists down, but check out these latest songs and you’ll see what I mean:

A new video by D-Witt which was posted today on YouTube today is simply called “Corvette”. Is he even trying to sing?

Even worse is this NSFW song we came across earlier called the “GTFO My Corvette” by X Blake Freeman X. I would have blogged about it back then but it was so terrible, I could only give it one listen:

I could keep searching YouTube for additional examples but I think you get the point. Today’s music is pretty awful anyways, but I do know that for a song to be good, it needs to be able to stand on its own and not supported by a video showing videos of the car.

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