[VIDEO] All About Bloomington Gold


[VIDEO] All about Bloomington Gold

We’re big fans of Bloomington Gold’s annual end of June Corvette bonanza. As avid attendees since 1984, we highly recommend that you mark your calendars for June 23-25, 2016. If you’ve haven’t been to Bloomington, but have always wondered what all the hype is about then check out this cool video below.

Bloomington Gold is entering its 43rd year and continues as the world’s longest running all-Corvette show. The show is mainly known for their uber intensive Certification judging which rates each Corvette against its as-delivered from the plant condition. Cars don’t complete against one another, they compete against a standard. Cars scoring over 95% earn the elusive Bloomington Gold Certification.

In the 4ish minute video below we hear from Bloomington Gold’s owner, Guy Larsen, Mecum Auctions’ Consignment Director, John Kraman, and Ken Lingenfelter owner of Lingenfelter Performance Engineering among others as they walk us through the Bloomington Gold judging process and what that means about the legitimacy of your Corvette and how that can ultimately add to its value and desirability.

They also share some great footage from this year’s inaugural show at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and talk about the show in general. We hear about and see some of the other Bloomington Gold events including the Spring Mountain Corvette Z06 ridealongs, the vendors, seminars and all of the other events that make up the Bloomington Gold experience.

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