Corvettes on Craigslist: Wrecked and Parked 1965 Corvette


Corvettes on Craigslist: Wrecked and Parked 1965 Corvette

Like most Corvette enthusiasts, I’ve often dreamed of working on a 1965 Sting Ray in my garage, turning a basket case into a shining show car.

While this yellow 1965 Corvette might be the chance for me and my sons to restore a car together, the asking price of $25,000 is enough to scare us away.

Will someone step up to the plate and hit this “VERY RARE CAR” (as the seller says in his craigslist ad) out of the plate?

The back story is that the car was wrecked and then parked in a garage in the 1980s, where it’s sat ever since.

The odometer shows 52,000 miles.

According to the craigslist ad, the Sting Ray came from the factory with sidepipes and a manual transmission, “a desirable configuration despite its dilapidated condition.”

There’s rust in the driver’s side frame and driver’s side door hinge box on the inside behind the kick panel. The seller says he has the parts to fix these problems.

The seller wants $25,000 cash or will consider trades “full or part considered if I think I can make money on it” – including older Vipers, C2 Corvette projects, Mopars “who knows as long as it is going up in value.”

If this is not the C2 project for you, the seller says he has others, too.

In short, we like the look of this Corvette – brings us back to our childhood days when we made a model car just like it. But having just gotten rid of a 1979 Trans Am that had turned into a money pit, we see our bank account draining even faster with this car.

No sooner do we post this story, we see the seller has taken down the craigslist ad. Oh well, there will always be other rough gems out there waiting to be discovered. If you come across such a Corvette for sale, let us know!

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