[VIDEO] Hennessey Track Tests Their HPE800 Corvette Z06 Convertible


[VIDEO] Hennessey Track Tests Their HPE800 Corvette Z06 Convertible

We don’t know if there is a much better sound than that of a C7 Z06 screaming around a track.

But Hennessey Performance Engineering may have just come up with it.

They’ve released a video that offers 30 seconds of a Z06 that has been treated to the Hennessey HPE800 upgrade, and if it doesn’t make you drool, you’re not a true Corvette enthusiast.

The video shows the Arctic White Z06 whizzing around the HPE test with its upgraded LT4 supercharged engine.

As you might expect, the HPE800 upgrade raises the Corvette’s horsepower to 800 (from the factory’s 650).

The package includes Hennessey lower pulley upgrade, high flow cylinder heads, upgraded valve springs and lifters, cold air induction system, custom HPE camshaft, all necessary gaskets and fluids, professional installation, HPE engine management calibration, dyno tuning and road testing, serial-numbered dash and engine plaques, Hennessey exterior badging and premium floormats – all with a two-year, 24,000-mile limited warranty.

Sounds like music to our ears!

Hennessey on YouTube

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