[VIDEO] Corvette Owner Charged After Donuts and Burnout were Captured on Video


[VIDEO] Corvette Owner Charged After Donuts and Burnout were Captured on Video

Those ubiquitous video cameras continue to get people in trouble.

In this case, 18 seconds of fame is getting a 25-year-old Millersville, Md., in a heap of trouble, as Sheriff Buford T. Justice might put it.

Harry Matthew Huntsman faces six traffic charges after he was caught on video doing doughnuts and other apparently illegal things in the middle of the highway near 94th and Coastal Highway in Ocean City, Md., on May 16.

Huntsman was charged by the Ocean City Police Department for his alleged actions during the Cruisin’ Ocean City event that now draws more than 3,500 hot rods, street machines, and customs in its 25th year.

According to a story by Lauren Holloway of Delmarvalife.com: “One of the highlights (of Cruisin’ Ocean City) each year is a daily boardwalk parade, in which cars promenade down the boardwalk in the morning, as crowds gather to enjoy what is essentially a living museum. Additionally, spectators line up along Coastal Highway in lawn chairs, beach chairs, and all-out tailgating camps, from dawn until long into the evening. Car and truck drivers enjoy showing off their automobiles and revving their engines, as spectators take pictures and cheer them on. With so many attendees and the lure of showing off, driver behavior runs the gamut – burning rubber is a common occurrence. Sometimes a driver draws enough attention to spark controversy.”

Huntsman, for example. A couple of hours after he made a grand entrance onto Coastal Highway doing a doughnut and burning some rubber, the video of his “show” went viral.

We watched the video, and to us, the doughnut was the least dangerous of his stunts. He only made one spin around in his blue C6 Corvette. Had he stopped there, we wouldn’t really see anything wrong, but he continued burning rubber up the left lane and leaving a trail of smoke as he drove very close to a line of cars in the right lane. Had he lost control, he could have hurt a lot of innocent people in those other cars and as well as folks walking on the sidewalk.

We can see a little fun, but drive your Corvettes responsibly, people!

Here’s the video that got our Corvette driver in trouble with the law:

Youtube and delmarvanow.com

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