[VIDEO] RallyCross in a C5 Corvette Z06


[VIDEO] RallyCross in a C5 Corvette Z06

Remember that C5 Corvette Z06 that did a burnout so awesome that the brakes caught on fire? We figured Matt Einarsson was the owner of the car after seeing a couple more videos featuring the same C5 Z06s in his youtube timeline.

Matt reached out to us on our facebook page and gave us a heads up on another video featuring his Corvette Z06 in an SCCA sanctioned RallyCross – which is pretty much an autocross held on dirt. Matt shows no fear in driving his Z06 off-road and the car is more than capable in handling the terrain.

While some will question Matt’s choice for an off-road rally car – it’s his to do what he wants to with it. We think the 5th Gen Corvette Z06 makes a great rallycar with the lightweight body and rear wheel drive. I’d put some snow tires on that Corvette for added traction like Zora did back in the day for the Pikes Peak hillclimb.

If you like this kind of thing, Matt has several more rallycross videos on his channel like this On-Board Video from the above run which really shows the road – or lack of one – that Matt is racing on.

Matt Einarsson on YouTube

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