Edelbrock Family Foundation and the Corvette Museum Partner Up for Summer Camps


Edelbrock Family Foundation and the Corvette Museum Partner Up for Summer Camps

Today’s kids are tomorrow’s Corvette enthusiasts.

At least that’s what the National Corvette Museum is hoping.

After five years of offering an automotive-themed “Vette Camp” to give kids an introduction to cars in general and Corvettes in particular, the NCM is expanding its summer program in a big way.

With the help of the Edelbrock Family Foundation, the Museum will be offering five camps mixing cars with other exciting themes, including Minecraft (July 9 and 30), Sinkhole Science (July 20), Superhero Science (July 27), and Wild Weather (July 31).

“We have a lot of repeat campers each summer, so we decided to come up with some themed day-long camps to provide variety while still offering some of the favorite automotive activities,” said Museum Education Coordinator, Kellie Steen. “We think this summer’s camps will attract new campers to the Museum, and give kids the opportunity to pick and choose their favorite topics. It will also give us the opportunity to host a lot more kids than we have in the past.”

Those kids will learn about a variety of topics related to the above themes, but they’ll also have some cool opportunities that we old timers would have loved to take part in when we were young.

Campers will get to ride in a Corvette, tour the Bowling Green Assembly Plant and see how Stingrays are put together, and/or have a discussion and Q&A with a Corvette Plant engineer.

Each camp will crank up at 8 a.m. and shut down at 4 p.m. (CT) with early dropoff and late pickup available. Cost is a very reasonable $45 per child, per camp. You can register online at www.corvettemuseum.org.

“We hope to foster a new generation of automotive industry leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, enthusiasts and more,” said Vic Edelbrock, Jr.

We can’t think of a better way to get kids interested in cars and salute the Edelbrock Family Foundation and the NCM for expanding the summer program!

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