[PICS] The Stig’s Wife and a 2015 Corvette Z06


[PICS] The Stig's Wife Drives a Corvette Z06

Some say he is terrified of Scouts and he spends his spare time catching fish with his tongue or foraging for wolves in the woods. All we know is Auto Evolution says this woman is the wife of the Stig, the mysterious white-cloaked driver on the British motoring television show Top Gear.

Dale Martin says he recently took these photos of who he claims is Mrs.The Stig at the North Star Dragway in Texas.

Who knows? Maybe he’s right.

Even if he’s wrong, though, American males get to enjoy the scenery of a beautiful woman before she drives an even more beautiful red 2015 Corvette Z06.

Martin says that Mrs. The Stig has a set beauty routine that includes washing her hair in ethanol and moisturizing it with NOS. Not only that, she runs on gas and likes to be paid in condensed souls of retired NASCAR drivers, he says.

The Stig's Wife Drives a Corvette Z06

The Stig's Wife Drives a Corvette Z06

Auto Evolution says this Medusa of the modern age is rumored to turn any man crazy enough to touch her into a steaming pile of carbon dust – and her high heels are more than just sexy – they’re used to clear small rodents from air intakes.

While some say the Stig has a full-size tattoo of his face on his face and his favorite T-shirt has a picture of a T-shirt on it, we’re sure Mrs.The Stig is equally as bizarre. Some say she has a dry sump pump in her stomach to make sure the oil doesn’t pool in the bottom of her stomach while she’s eating supper.


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