[VIDEO] One-Owner 2000 Corvette has an Amazing 650,000 Miles on the Odometer


[VIDEO] One-Owner 2000 Corvette has an Amazing 650,000 Miles on the Odometer

As the owner of a Torch Red 1997 C5 that has around 69,000 miles on the odometer, it was good to see this video that proves the durability of fifth-generation Corvettes.

A fellow named Mark says he bought his 2000 C5 new and ever since hasn’t been afraid to put it to the test, racking up an amazing total of 650,000 miles as he drives back and forth from Florida to Georgia for business purposes.

Mark has owned five Corvettes, and based on the video, he appears to have done a great job taking care of his latest.

In the video, he doesn’t tell much about what he’s had to do to the car as far as maintenance and new parts, but we’re hoping he might see this blog and let us and the world know.

While some of the folks who posted comments seem to be skeptical about Mark’s car – wondering if it’s been repainted or had major engine work, etc., etc., we’re just glad to see someone enjoying his C5 so much that he wanted to drive it 650,000 miles in the first place.

Nowadays, it seems as if no one keeps a car for more than four or five years, meaning they’re lucky to even crack the 100K mark.


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