Donate Now to the National Corvette Museum


Donate Now to the National Corvette Museum

I’ve been thinking about writing this post since word of the giant sinkhole opening up inside the National Corvette Museum made headlines around the world.

The staff of the Corvette Museum, led by their unshakable leader Wendell Strode, have really stepped up to confront this natural disaster head-on. We’ve seen the videos of the damaged cars and heard from the experts about the local geology. But now it’s time for the Museum to hear from us, the enthusiasts and Corvette owners who helped make the NCM what it is today.

Despite having insurance which will cover stabilizing the main Spire and repairing the floor inside the Sky Dome, the NCM will have some major out-of-pocket expenses including sinkhole remediation and insurance deductibles.

While news was made about GM’s pledge to help restore the cars that were lost inside the sinkhole, most people we’ve talked with don’t realize that the NCM’s largest expense will be the repair and mitigation of the sinkhole. Estimated costs range from $200,000 all the way to $1,000,000 depending on the depth and complexity to repair.

The Corvette Museum is a member-funded institution owned by you and me and right now they need our help.

There are two ways to help the museum. If you are not a member or your membership has lapsed, click here to Become A Member. If you are already a member of the Museum, click here to Make a Donation. You will see there is a selection for a Sinkhole Fund.

As a Lifetime Member of the National Corvette Museum, I recognize the Museum’s unique place in our hobby is to preserve, protect and promote the Chevrolet Corvette. A natural disaster striking our “Graceland” should serve as a rallying cry to bring us closer together and do the right thing to help in the repair and reopening of the NCM’s Sky Dome.

Please consider making a donation today.

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