Corvette Museum Making the Best of the Sinkhole Situation


Corvette Museum Making the Best of the Sinkhole Situation
Photo Credit: Robyn Minor/Daily News

Corvettes have always been known for taking a little and turning it into a lot.

The current C7, for example, is being praised for its massive “bang for the buck.”

That’s why it is really no surprise that the National Corvette Museum is seeking “tasteful” ways to turn the misfortune of the sinkhole that swallowed eight of its rare Corvettes earlier this month into a way to raise funds that will ultimately help support the mission of the museum.

Sort of a lemons to lemonade story, in the words of the Bowling Green Daily News.

Mike Murphy, the CEO of Scott, Murphy & Daniel which is overseeing the reconstruction of the museum and the recovery of the vehicles, says the carpet tiles that used to cover parts of the museum floor, now stacked outside the building, will ultimately be sold as souvenirs.

“We’ve had people tell us that they would pay for some of the rocks or a piece of concrete that we might recover,” Murphy said.

The gift shop also will soon be selling T-shirts commemorating the mishap.

“They really are taking a lemon and making lemonade,” Murphy said.

First though, Murphy’s crews are stabilizing the building by drilling holes several feet into the ground outside the museum and filling them with a spray grout, then also reinforcing the building in certain spots. The cars will then be removed after which crews will spray the dirt and rock sides with gunite, the same material used to make swimming pools.

Bowling Green Daily News
Photo Credit: Robyn Minor/Daily News

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