[VIDEO] Advantage Features 1964 Corvette Sting Ray Racing Up a Swiss Mountain Pass


[VIDEO] Advantage Features 1964 Corvette Sting Ray Racing Up a Swiss Mountain Pass

If you don’t have much time to go to the movies, then Martin and Sandro Baebler’s flick called Advantage should be right up your alley.

Or should we say, right up your mountain.

In the film, which lasts all of one minute and 26 seconds, our mysterious main character (the only character for that matter) is apparently a secret agent being pursued by some bad guys.

Bearing a strong resemblance to Paul Newman, actor Jean-Paul Roy never utters a word but nevertheless delivers an emotional performance with the expressions on his grizzled old face.

He’s behind the wheel of a black 1964 Corvette which he pilots up the twisting roads of the awe-inspiring Gotthard Pass in Switzerland, pausing about halfway up to walk over to the edge and look.

At first, we’re not sure what’s going on. Maybe he’s just enjoying the view? But then he reaches the top of the mountain and gets out of his Corvette, gun in hand, and we then see a group of six vehicles (two cycles and four cars) on their way up.

We’re left to wonder who these people are, indeed who the main character is and what he and they are doing.

It’s pretty amazing to see how much of a story can be packed into a scant 86 seconds, not to mention with the utter absence of dialogue.

Still, the film works, especially with the beautiful scenery, both natural (the Pass) and man-made (the classic C2), we are given to enjoy.

CorvetteOnline points out that a drone was used to get the aerial shots, a pretty neat use of this new technology. They also praised the 3D animations that dress up the credits, which ironically last almost as long as the actual film itself.


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