[VIDEO] Dutch Corvette Collection is Europe’s Largest


[VIDEO] Dutch Corvette Collection is Europe's Largest

Corvette fever spreads around the world, and our friends at Michael Brown Productions have the proof!

They’ve just released a new addition to their series showing off collections of Corvettes, and this one features an avid collector across the ocean in, of all places, the Netherlands.

Andre’ Boer caught the Corvette bug more than 20 years ago when he opened up a magazine and saw a photo of the Mako Shark II.

“I thought, Wow! That is a nice car with a big engine in it, a 7-liter 427 cubic inch was in it and I think, this car is what I will have in the future,” Boer said. “But what I did not know, it was a prototype car. But luckily they came also the C3, and yeah, this is what you see in here.”

What you also see in his building (and in warehouses in the small village of Wezep) are Corvettes everywhere in a collection that has grown and grown and grown to total more than 100 now.

“We know sure, all the clubs, all the Corvette clubs that be in Europe, nobody has a bigger collection than we have here,” Boer says proudly.

Who can blame him for being so enthusiastic? After all, wouldn’t all us Corvette fans love to have cars representing all six Corvette generations?

You look one direction and see a 1963 Split Window, another direction a 1982 Collector Edition, another direction a 1974 big block.

Not surprisingly, Andre’s three sons have also caught the Corvette bug, and together the family not only collects Corvettes, they also work on them for customers from around Europe.

[VIDEO] Dutch Corvette Collection is Europe's Largest

While he no doubt loves all his Corvettes, he does admit that his favorite generation is the C2 midyears produced from 1963 to 1967.

The star of that generation no doubt is his 1967 roadster, a multi-award winner and the first big block he eve bought. It’s black with a red stinger and has a red interior, aluminum wheels, and F41 suspension. It had just 34,000 miles when he bought it.

Another favorite is much newer – a yellow C6 Z06 that was one of the first imported to Europe, actually a pre-production model. It was the first Z06 made with European specs and the fourth Z06 made.

Our thanks to Michael Brown Productions for sharing Andre’s story with the rest of the world! Be sure to check the other collectors on Michael’s YouTube Channel.

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