[VIDEO] Criswell Corvette’s Mike Furman Delivers His 3,000th Corvette


[VIDEO] Criswell Corvette's Mike Furman Delivers His 3,000th Corvette

Congratulations to our friend and CorvetteBlogger sponsor Mike Furman of Criswell Corvette who earlier this month delivered his 3,000th Corvette to a customer. Mike’s first Corvette sale goes all the way back to July 26, 1978 when he sold a 1978 Corvette to Cassius De la Victoria. Some 426 months later, Mike delivered his 3,000th Corvette to a customer from Potomac, MD.

Mike started his automotive career at the age of 17 when he began working for one of the storied Chevrolet dealers, Malcom Konner Auto Group in New Jersey.

He says that each of the 3,000 Corvette is memorable, but one of the things he misses with his nationwide sales is that he doesn’t get to personally meet every owner that is delivered a new Corvette.

His attention to the details – both large and small – is usually what endears him to his customers. Earlier this year, he was able to coordinate the R8C Museum delivery of two Corvette Stingrays for a father and son who reside in different states. And just last month, he was able to schedule the build and delivery of two Stingrays for two friends in New Mexico who also wanted to take delivery together at the National Corvette Museum.

Since the Corvette Stingray arrived on his showroom floor last fall, Mike’s been working on a record pace to get them to their owners. In October 2013, he delivered 57 Stingrays to customers, a number that GM says is a record. Mike says that should have been 61 Stingrays sold, but four of the deliveries were credited to September by his sales manager.

Mike’s record setting delivery was also commented on by John Fitzpatrick, Marketing Manager for Chevrolet Performance Cars. John sent Mike a note saying “Congrats. 3,000 Corvette deliveries… A great accomplishment and a great example of how you are a true ambassador of the brand.” Corvette Assembly Plant Manager Dave Tatman’s Executive Assistant Christine Cartwright also commented on Mike’s sales achievement. “Congratulations on an incredible number and your dedication to Corvette! It’s no wonder you have been so successful over the years – your customer service is A-1… you do what you say you will and you follow through. I can attest to that personally. That’s a rare thing these days.”

Mike’s 3,000th Corvette sale to Richard of Potomac, MD was a Lime Rock Green 2014 Corvette Stingray Z51 Convertible with the 3LT package. An interesting sidebar to the story is that Richard has recently restored his father’s car, a 1974 Jaguar E type that is nearly identical in colors to the Limerock Green/Kalahari Stingray. Here’s a video that Criswell Corvette put together to honor the momentous occasion.

So again, a big congratulations to Mike Furman. If you are interested in a new Corvette Stingray or any of the offerings from Callaway, Mike Furman is the man to call. You can find him at Criswell Corvette in Gaithersburg, MD at 301-212-4420 or via email at [email protected].

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