How to Properly Execute the Corvette Wave


How to Properly Execute the Corvette Wave

After reading this enthusiast’s informative but highly complex story on eBay, we can understand why so many Corvette owners don’t bother to wave anymore.

But in the interest of increasing the level of cooperation among our Corvette brethren, we bring you this essay called “How to properly execute a Corvette Wave 101.”

The author, known only as bones_191, sets the stage for the three typical waves when two Corvette drivers pass in opposite directions by telling us three major things to look for while driving a Corvette: speed traps, Supra Turbo and Mustang HO drivers, and wild game like deer that can shatter a Corvette body if hit at speeds like, say, oh 140 mph.

The first and most critical of three major requirements to do the wave, he says, is possessing a Corvette. Next you’ll need a blue-tooth headset for your cell phone to keep your hands free for the wave, and finally you’ll also be responsible for the timing and crispness of retort while waving.

Here’s where things get complicated in a hurry.

The first kind of wave is performed during a brief window of opportunity to establish the motions required. This window, he says, can be calculated using the following formula. Speed + Acceleration per second multiplied by 2, then by adding the numbers in the sum – (with any three digit number, the first two digits are considered the first number, and the third digit is the second number); then, by subtracting 9 from this number, and then dividing this sum by 4, you will have a relative window of time to perform the wave.

Got all that?

More importantly, your response and that of the approaching driver must be simultaneous, requiring practice by both parties to get the timing and feel down pat. “As the window of opportunity, per the above formula increases or decreases, you will need to change the speed your arm sweep accordingly, for maximum effect,” the author says. “The retort and snap should be quick and confident.”

The second type of wave is the simplest, he says, and is performed at a stop light.

Once the angle of degree is achieved, he writes, simply nod your head in an upward jerk-type motion extending your chin slightly, then resuming the starting point of the nod, slowly turn your neck back to a natural driving position.

“That’s it,” he says. “Just remember; never do this nod in a downward, chin-tucking fashion. Always extend the chin and nod upward. By reversing this nod, your wave will show weakness and may be construed as an insult rather than its intended meaning.”

And we wouldn’t want to send an insult to our fellow enthusiasts, would we?

In this tongue-firmly-in-cheek story, the author promises to share with us how to perform a third kind of wave in a separate Advanced Guide because of the complex and intricate techniques required. We’ll be on the lookout to share this important information with you.

In the meantime, Save the Wave!


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