SPIED: 2014 Corvette Stingray with Full Body Racing Stripes


SPIED: 2014 Corvette Stingray with Full Body Racing Stripes

Since the 1.1313 reveal, most of the recent sightings of the prototype Corvette Stingrays have been in the Arizona and California but they are also working out in winter climates as well. This Velocity Yellow 2014 Corvette Stingray Coupe was spotted on some snow covered back roads in Michigan and it’s the first one we’ve seen wearing a full-body racing stripe.

Our friends at Corvette7.com have a bevy of shots showing the Velocity Yellow Corvette wearing what looks to be the 60th anniversary stripes found on the 2013 models. The strip is tapered at the front of the car and grows wider as it flows over the radiator extractor vents and onto the hood bulge.

We also noticed that this Stingray is apparently wearing matching silver-colored headlight buckets. All the previous shots of the prototype test cars and the two show cars have black headlight buckets.

The other item we’ve picked up on is this picture is that hood vent doesn’t look very black either and it almost blends with the stripes whereas every other C7 view those vents are very black. (Perhaps its the angle or the overcast sky.)

Corvette7.com and AutoBlog.com are both wondering if the striped Corvette could be a Grand Sport model. Despite the stripes not being an option on the Corvette Colorizer, previous body stripes have mostly been offered through the Genuine Corvette Accessories catalog and so like everything else, they are being tested on the Corvette. Don’t the stripes make the C7 Corvette look much faster in the snow?

A prototype builds go, this one seems to be a bit rough as well. On the rear sides where the fascia joins the car, there is matching yellow tape covering the gaps. Some have joked that it was done for weight savings with tape being lighter than the fasteners, but we’ll chalk it up to being a pre-production car and leave it at that.

Check out all the pics over at Corvette7.com.

Corvette7.com and AutoBlog.com

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