[PIC] Black 2014 Corvette Stingray Seen Testing in San Diego


[PIC] Black 2014 Corvette Stingray Testing in San Diego

Are these GM engineers and their pre-production Stingray Corvettes everywhere? Here is a black 2014 Corvette Stingray that was spotted in the San Diego area this weekend by some Camaro enthusiasts and their pics were are posted on Corvette7.com. The Camaro guys say they blocked the exits of a parking lot so they could talk with the driver who is none other than Jim Mero.

Here’s how the Camaro driver tells the story of meeting the black Stingray:

ChargedCamaro and I went for a cruise today up to Borrego Springs to enjoy our cars in the awesome California weather (went from 52 degrees and snow to 84 and sun in the matter of minutes)! Thank God my buddy has no sense of direction because we missed our turn at the bottom of the mountain, but when we went back this Black Beauty had just parked in a lot we were about to pass. ChargedCamaro redeemed himself and pointed out this lucky find so we cornered the cornered in the lot and blocked all exits! Turns out there were a couple prototype Corvette’s doing some testing on the mountain. We chatted up the Development Engineer and asked if we could take pics. I believe this Black One is the Sport Prototype and they were testing steering. The red one was on the mountain with a large black van behind it (secret service? haha). The engineers joked that it was protected by Pit Bulls. I asked about the blue one which we had seen pics of the crash on different blogs. He mentioned it was a friend of his who was driving it and that it had also recently been on the mountain. Anyway, wanted to share a few pics. This car is absolutely beautiful in person! ENJOY!

PS..we did ask about the 6th Gen Camaro. haha! And like all good employees who love their job…they had no comment. Very friendly guys who thanked us for driving GM cars. And no pics of the red one…we passed her on the mountain and it wasnt a good time to stop.

It’s very interesting to get an opportunity to see some of these pre-production Corvettes. The cross-flag emblems don’t seem to have any color and the rear fascia is missing some trim. If you look closely, you’ll see this black Corvette has a small antenna coming through the center of the roof. No doubt that that something to do with the black van!

Here’s one more pic that show’s Mero standing off to the side of the car. Head over to Corvette7.com to see all the pictures.

[PIC] Black 2014 Corvette Stingray Testing in San Diego


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