Retro Rear End Kit Brings Nostalgic Round Tail Lights to 2014 Corvette Stingray


Retro Rear End Kit Brings Nostalgic Round Tail Lights to 2014 Corvette Stingray

For months now, in the aftermath of the Jalopnik renderings, critics of the polarizing new C7 rear end have been threatening to perform “plastic surgery” on their own and change what the GM designers came up with.

Now it appears that those who don’t like the new treatment at the back of the 2014 Corvette Stingray can really do something about it, thanks to the folks at says Corvette Italia is offering a Nostalgic Tail Kit for the C7 that will transform it to look like the south end of a northbound C6.

The $2,800 kit includes a fiberglass rear end, C6 taillights, wiring, and bulbs, along with tools and diagrams, not to mention the cost of shipping.

Based on what Corvette engineers have already explained to us about the C7, though, this kit might cause some problems for your new Stingray since the series of vents and intakes are not just for looks but have been designed with specific important functions in mind. For example, the rear intakes on the top of the C7 fenders are designed to cool the differential and transmission by shooting the air out the vents on the outside of both tail lamps. This kit would apparently eliminate those exit vents.

We’re interested in finding out what Corvette experts like Chief Engineer Tadge Jeuchter would think about the possible ill effects of the retro tail lamp treatment.

Maybe it would be better for those folks who don’t like the new rear treatment to just be satisfied with, oh say, a C6 Grand Sport or 427 Convertible instead.


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