CorvetteBlogger Goes to School for the Great American Teach-In

813 Goes to School for the Great American Teach-In

Today is the Great American Teach-In where regular folks visit their local elementary, middle or high schools and talk about what they do for a living. We’ve done this before but our group of 4th graders that we spoke with today at Chiaramonte Elementary in Tampa were very enthusiastic about my discussion on blogging, new media and most importantly, doing what you love to do.

I started off today’s discussion with asking the kids about their favorite hobbies – fishing, football, and playing video games were some of the responses. Now imagine that you got paid to fish, play football or were surrounded by video games 24/7. Well, that is pretty much the life of a CorvetteBlogger. Doing what you love, you never work a day in your life.

As mentioned, the kids were very interested about Corvettes. I asked them when I say Corvette, what does that mean to them. Responses were “cool” and “fast” and my favorite, “racing”. The kids wanted to know how fast the fastest Corvette goes so I told them about the Corvette ZR1 and its 205 mph run on the test track. I also told them that Corvette gets a very responsible 28 mpg highway but they could really care less about that.

I also showed off a picture of the C7 Corvette in full camouflage and talked about how spy photos are taken and shared around the web on blogs and forums as well as how sites like become a hub for the latest information on the new car. They seemed to like the idea that there are spy photographers hiding in trees and behind bushes just to take a picture of the C7 Corvette!

We talked about the business side of blogging with sponsors and advertisements on the site. I showed them my Faces of GM video as well some of my blogging tools – video cameras, DSLR camera, Go-Pro, MacBook Pro and my trusty Iphone.

So after a question and answer session, the real fun began. We went to out front of the school and they got to see my 1966 Corvette Convertible. They were very good about not touching it (hands in pockets!). I gave a few of them the opportunity to sit in the car, and one lucky little girl drove around the parking lot with me. Goes to School for the Great American Teach-In Goes to School for the Great American Teach-In Goes to School for the Great American Teach-In

All in all, today was a great opportunity to allow kids that may never have the chance to get up close and personal with a classic Corvette. Who knows, maybe we’ve just planted the seeds of future Corvette ownership.

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