Our 1966 Corvette Is Featured in USA Today’s “Happy Birthday, Corvette” Photo Gallery


Our 1966 Corvette Is Featured in USA Today's 'Happy Birthday, Corvette' Photo Gallery

I normally don’t talk too much about my own Corvette, but this is just too cool for us to pass up. Yesterday, we posted that USA Today wants your Corvette Photos. Taking the plunge, I sent them this photo of our 1966 Corvette convertible parked at Davis Islands in Tampa.

This morning, USA Today has posted a story on their website called Happy Birthday, Chevrolet Corvette and our black Sting Ray is the 3rd image in the accompanying photo gallery.

Not only is tomorrow Drive Your Corvette to Work Day, but June 29th is also the anniversary of our Corvette’s purchase by my father.

Back in 1966, Phillip Cornett took possession of the black and silver 1966 Corvette from Rohrer Chevrolet in Camden, NJ after trading in a new Ford Mustang and agreeing to make payments of $70.28 for 36 months through GMAC financing.

I’ve written about the significance of June 29th in my life before.

USA Today promises to serve up more photos of Corvettes so send them a picture of your Corvette and maybe it will be featured as well.

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