[VIDEO] CorvetteBlogger Featured on “Faces of GM”


[VIDEO] CorvetteBlogger Featured on Faces of GM website

When I was in Detroit last month for the Woodward Dream Cruise, my personal Corvette story was told to a few GM’ers and it eventually made it way to Paul Manzella who runs the Faces of GM website. So I did a quick interview with Paul from GM’s Design on Woodward car show the Wednesday before Dream Cruise and today that video went live so check it out!

This is great opportunity to reinforce what I believe makes CorvetteBlogger.com different from most of the other websites and magazines dedicated to Corvettes.

When I talk about our blog to the guys at GM who make the Corvettes, or the dealers who sell the cars or the people that buy and drive them, it’s not because we are simply doing this to be recognized or as a way to make some money. It’s a much higher purpose. It’s because we have a deeply emotional connection with the Corvette that for me, goes back to 1966. Some call that being a “true believer” and its definitely a term that I embrace.

Our mantra of “It’s not about us, it’s about the car” is as true today as it was back in August 2005 when I wrote my first blog entry.

But the Corvette is much more than a car. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a way of life.

When Chevrolet came out with their latest marketing slogan – Chevy Runs Deep – a year or so ago, many within the industry didn’t get it. But to us it was a home run. Chevy runs deep alright. My father believed it. I believe it. My son will believe it.

So thanks again to Paul and the all the folks at GM for the ability to share my story on such a large scale and to all my family and friends that have supported me along the way. Trust me when I say that we are just getting started!!

Faces of GM

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