A 1968 Corvette Stolen a Decade Ago Found in Aussie Shipping Container


A 1968 Corvette Stolen a Decade Ago Found in Aussie Shipping Container

Kids figured out long ago that you just never know what might be waiting in that big box when you open it on your birthday.

Well, that philosophy recently took an unusual turn down under.

Wharf inspectors in Brisbane, Australia finally opened a shipping container which had been sitting undisturbed on the docks for a decade and lo and behold discovered a stolen 1968 Corvette resting inside. The owner had reported the white convertible with a black top stolen 10 years ago and apparently went on his merry way after receiving an insurance payout.

The 350 V8, four-speed Corvette looks like it’s been inside the box the whole time, “without any care or maintenance during the time.” That’s the word from Manheim Auctions, which will be auctioning off the car on September 25 on behalf of Suncorp Insurance. They are hoping to get an estimated $14,000 to $17,000 for the vehicle.

We don’t think the car is a super collectible specimen, but this story definitely lends an air of uniqueness that could be appealing to some Corvette enthusiasts. Wouldn’t it make a perfect ending if the owner who had reported it stolen wound up buying it back?


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