Corvette Ownership Still a Dream For Many Drivers


Corvette Ownership Still a Dream For Many Drivers

A writer at in St. Louis wonders, what baby boomer hasn’t dreamed of someday owning a Corvette?

He’s right. Older baby boomers grew up watching Route 66 on TV every week and quickly learned to drool over the new Corvette driven by Martin Milner and George Maharis (at least for 2½ seasons), two happy-go-lucky young guys who lived an exciting life out of their shiny sports car. If that doesn’t get a young man lusting after a car, what will?

I’ve never watched the show myself. Young baby boomers like me came along later and instead got caught up in the 1978 hysteria over the 25th anniversary pace car that exploded in value, then quickly plummeted after the frenzy calmed down. In fact, one of the first stories I wrote as a budding journalist was about the pace car in the showroom at Roy Davis Chevrolet-Olds in Calhoun, Ga.

The St. Louis writer says his father tried to discourage him from wanting a Corvette “by vividly describing every Corvette crash he heard about, telling me that there was nothing left but a chassis and engine by the time the smoke settled.”

My own dad didn’t want me to buy a Corvette when I was 18 – though it was my dream to save up enough money from my part-time jobs to buy a ‘Vette in high school (back when a 1969 model in great shape was only $3,500!) – and I listened to his advice. That is, until I was 24 years old. That’s when I bought a 3-year-old red 1980 model – the first of nine Corvettes I’ve owned in my life, including my current silver ’81.

Sadly, the St. Louis writer says his dream remains unfulfilled to this day.

He does, however, give a good overview of the history of the Corvette in his web posting at and asks the question: “If I could have just one Corvette, which generation would it be?”

He notes that it’s a tough decision. “How does one weigh the choice between a 1953, with its historic significance as being the first, to a 2012 which is a technlogical marvel of engineering and performance?”

What would your choice be?

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