[VIDEO] European Vacation Corvette Style


[VIDEO] European Vacation Corvette Style' Tribute

We received an email from a Corvette owner living in England this week who wanted to share his appreciation of Corvettes with those of us living in the States. Brian and his wife Angie joined two other couples for a European road trip through France, Germany and Switzerland. Some of prettiest scenery on Earth looks even better behind the wheel of a Corvette.

Here was his message:

Hi CorvetteBlogger!

I’m a Corvette owner living in England and thought you might like to know that some of us over here in Blighty appreciate the ‘vette as much as you do on your side of the pond.

We wondered if you might be interested in what we get up to with our cars, so put this video together of a roadtrip that we took last year through France, Germany & Switzerland – me and my wife and two other couples also in their beloved ‘vettes!

Hope you like,

Brian & Angie

We very much appreciate you sharing this experience with us. The abandoned racetrack at Reims is amazing to see and the drive through the alps must have been one of the highlights on a trip full of highlights. Thanks again for your email Brian and keep driving those ‘Vettes!

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  1. What a great video – thanks so much for posting this – looks like you had an absolutely wonderful time with some of the most beautiful scenery ever.

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