[VIDEO] C5 Z06 Driver Goes Off-Course While Attempting a Burnout at Dallas Cars and Coffee


[VIDEO] C5 Z06 Driver Goes Off-Course While Attempting a Burnout at Dallas Cars and Coffee

Here is yet another case of a Corvette owner trying to show off and failing miserably but being very fortunate at the same time. This video comes from a Cars and Coffee get together in Dallas. Like many of these popular Cars and Coffee events that take place around the country, there is sometimes a show put on by attendees when they leave the premises. Unfortunately for our hero in this C5 Z06, it didn’t go quite as planned.

While leaving the Dallas Cars and Coffee event, the driver attempts to burn a little rubber in the middle of a street. But three lanes wasn’t wide enough to contain the Corvette as the rear broke loose and he fishtails wildly, jumping a curb and heads directly where the audience gathers to watch these hoons in action. The driver was able to finally stop as the crowd cheers and geers him on.

The sound of the C5 Corvette hitting that curb was pretty loud and there was definitely some “scrappage” of the underbody as the driver turned the Corvette around on the shoulder and merged from the sidewalk back onto the street.

Luckily nobody was hurt during the attempted burnout except the driver’s ego, and now he can now relive the event over and over again thanks to YouTube:

At our local Cars and Coffee event at the DuPont Registry in St. Pete Florida, Pinellas County deputies stage at the exits to keep this type of hoonage to a minimum. The local police presence not only helps protect the public, but saves bad drivers from themselves as well.


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