[PIC] Instragam Captures Aftermath of Corvette Accidents


[PIC] Instragam Captures Aftermath of Corvette Accidents

I wouldn’t technically call this a fail as fail usually denotes that the person behind the wheel of the car is somehow at fault for doing something stupid. So having said that, we came across an instagram tweet late this afternoon from @chrisgoulet that said the following:

“Has anyone seen my #vette? #corvette #fail”

We retweeted the photo and asked for details. @ChrisGoulet replied:

“Construction + double-lane left-hand turn = side-swiped and run off the road.”

Thanks to the power of social media, we just reported a blow by blow account of a traffic accident presented in 140 characters or less.

Since instagram opened up to android users last week, the #Corvette twitter hashtag has been overflowing with funky, low-fi instagram photo tweets. We’ve jumped on the bandwagon ourselves by posting some of our own instagram images to our Pinterest boards and then retweeting the pinned image back on twitter. It’s the 21st century’s “circle of life”!

And just as I am about to press “Publish”, this instagram tweet rolls through with the #corvette hashtag: “#totaled #corvette depressing…”. Is it a full moon or something? It’s like Corvette owners with Android phones who recently installed instagram are somehow cursed. Check out that picture on Pinterest.com.

@ChrisGoulet on Twitter

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