[VIDEO] Hendrick Performance NCRS Corvette Judging Walkthrough


[VIDEO] Hendrick Performance NCRS Corvette Judging Walkthrough

Hendrick Motorsports is one of the top racing teams in NASCAR. In addition to claiming 10 NASCAR Sprint Cup championships since 1996, Hendrick also stakes claim to one the largest auto dealership empires in the world, selling over 200,000 cars in 2011. Like Hendrick, the National Corvette Restorers Society (NCRS) looks for the very best in its judging of original and restored Corvettes. Now you can see how the 2 entities come together in this short video filmed at the 2012 NCRS Kissimmee Regional last month.

Using a red 1968 L88 roadster and the show field as a backdrop, Hendrick’s Dale Ledbetter and NCRS Master Judge Thom Warren walk us through the NCRS judging process and describe what to expect when buying or restoring a car through Hendrick Performance (http://www.hendrickperformance.com/). Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or restore they’ll assist in the whole process. Anyone who’s bought or sold a Corvette knows how important it can be to have a knowledgeable source to glean information from during that endeavor.

One of the highest honors bestowed on a Corvette is the NCRS’ Duntov Mark of Excellence award. This award is only given to cars which achieve a score of 97%. That translates into a loss of only 135 points on the 4,500 point scale. Like an episode of CSI, a team of judges will scour all aspects of the car checking for correct fasteners, finishes and markings that were present when it left the factory. Another requirement of this award is to successfully complete the rigorous Performance Verification (PV) test. The PV test requires that every feature of the car works just as it did when it left the factory without a single failure. Hendrick Performance looks for this type of quality in all of the Corvettes that they deal with. Don’t want a high-point show car? No problem, they’ll gladly assemble whatever you’d like them to.

Check out Hendrick Performance or NCRS for more information.

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