New “Midnight Race Blue” Color Option Coming to the 2013 Corvette


New Midnight Race Blue Color Option Coming to the 2013 Corvette

As we get closer to end of the end of the 2012 model year Corvette, details on the 2013 Corvette are still emerging. One of those details is that a new shade of blue will be coming to the 2013 Corvette and its name is “Midnight Race Blue”.

The 2012 Corvette featured two new colors that were going to be offered specifically for the model year – Carbon Flash Metallic and Carlisle Blue. We know that in 2013, the regular Black will make a comeback to replace the Centennial Edition’s Carbon Flash and now we have the replacement for Carlisle Blue.

To us, the name “Midnight Race Blue” implies that Chevy will be offering darker shade of blue. To get an idea of what the new shade may look like, we dove into the Corvette Black Book and pulled out some examples of darker blue Corvettes throughout the years.

1963 Daytona Blue
Daytona Blue
1966 Laguna Blue
Laguna Blue
1970 Bridgehampton Blue
Bridgehampton Blue
1977 Corvette Dark Blue
Corvette Dark Blue
1989 Dark Blue
Dark Blue
1994 Admiral Blue
Admiral Blue
2000 Navy Blue Metallic
Navy Blue Metallic
2002 Electron Blue
Electron Blue
2006 Le Mans Blue Metallic
Le Mans Blue Metallic

The rumor on the new color according to a posting on the Corvette Forum is that it’s a color never used by GM before and won’t be offered on any other GM products.

In addition to those two one-year-only colors, 2012 saw the end of the line for Supersonic Blue as well. We haven’t heard yet if that color will be replaced in 2013 and we’re not even sure if GM will offer a full palette of 10 exteriors for the final year of the C6 Corvette.

So, given the choices above and assuming that Midnight Race Blue is indeed a dark blue, what shade would you like the 2013 Corvette to most resemble?

Source: Corvette Forum
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