[VIDEO] Heavy Acceleration in a 1500 hp Twin-Turbo C6 Corvette


[VIDEO] Heavy Acceleration in a 1500 hp Twin-Turbo C6 Corvette

Want to see what extreme acceleration looks like? In the latest video from High Tech Corvette, the crew filmed a twin-turbo Corvette C6 boasting over 1,500 horses cruising down the highway. When the driver drops the hammer, this C6 Corvette leaps from 50 mph to over 170 mph in just seconds.

This Corvette just flat out moves and covers the 50 mph to 170 mph in about 10 seconds. One of the scarier aspects was the bit of wiggle around 85 mph as the rear wheel drive sports car struggled to maintain grip with all that torque.

Some of the mods on the Corvette are new headers, high-flow catalytic converters and a fully customized twin-turbocharger setup.

High Tech Corvette says the speeds were recorded using GPS and so they many not be accurate. After watching the video, we don’t need no numbers to see how scary fast this twin-turbo Corvette is under full throttle!

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