[VIDEO] LMR Tests Their Texas Mile Twin Turbo Corvette in GM’s Wind Tunnel


[VIDEO] LMR Tests Their Texas Mile Twin Turbo Corvette in GM's Wind Tunnel

Back in May, Late Model Racecraft’s twin-turbo Corvette set the standing mile record at the Texas Mile with a run of 231 mph. The team obviously feels they can get more out of their Corvette so they took the car up to Detroit where it was put in GM’s famous wind tunnel for aero testing.

Having followed Corvettes for years, I can’t remember ever seeing video of Corvettes tested inside the wind tunnel facility, let alone the testing of a Corvette owned by a third party. The LMR team will take the data they gleaned from the wind tunnel test back to Texas where they are preparing for the next Texas Mile event later this year in October.

Late Model Racecraft posted the following on the Corvette Forum about their experience at GM:

This past week was one of most interesting weeks I have had when it comes to motorsports and thats saying alot considering I am around this stuff on a daily basis. The knowledge we learned from this experience is priceless. We worked directly with Thomas Froling(lead aero engineer on the C6 and Z06 body and currently putting the finishing touches on the 2012 ZL Camaro and the beginning stages of the 2014 camaro and C7). The first day we pulled the corvette into the prep room. This is where they scaled the car and hooked up all sensors in preperation for the wind tunnel testing that would take place the following day. I pulled the LMR corvette right next to a full size clay model of a 2014 camaro and 1/3 scale clay model of the C7 (both were corvered as much as possible) and NO CAMERAS were allowed in this room for obvious reasons. I asked about both projects and they did not want to tell much. All they could tell me was that the C7 was far from production and that several body issues still had to be worked out as well as the powerplant.

Anyway, the next day was our wind tunnel testing from 8am to 6pm. Our main goal was to lower the drag coefficient of the vehicle while improving rear down force for traction purposes while traveling down the mile. Josh and a the general motors aero team ran SEVERAL tests and changed several setups to get the numbers we were looking for by the end of the day. I cannot disclose too much information but I can tell you there were alot of little things tested that I would have NEVER thought of to help reduce drag.

Now that we have our prototype pieces complete, we will start production on the LMR/General Motors Aero drag package for C6 Corvettes and will try and have them on the market for corvette owners looking to pick up MPH without adding any extra horsepower before the next mile event.

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  1. Best part of that was seeing the dead air zone right behind the rear bumper. I had no idea it was that calm right there.

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