[VIDEO] LMR’s Twin-Turbo Corvette Sets Standing Mile Record at 231 MPH


[VIDEO] LMR's Twin-Turbo Corvette Sets Standing Mile Record at 231 mph

According to a post on the Corvette Forum, Late Model Racecraft now holds the record for the fastest corvette in the standing mile which they set Saturday at the Texas Mile. Their twin turbo C6 Corvette hit 231 mph despite a 31 mph head wind. Check out what 231 mph in a Corvette looks like after the jump.

Late Model Racecraft’s Corvette sports a 440 ci engine with a custom LMR twin turbo kit and runs on Hoosier R6 tires. The Corvette maxed out the shop’s dyno at 1500 rwhp!

The LMR gang attempted to best that record on Sunday. They made 23lbs of boost in 3rd gear but then the transmission broke so they had to call it a day.

They also set the fastest time at the Texas Mile with their 1800 hp Camaro which topped out at 244 mph!

Corvette Forum

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