Woman Speeds out of Ferrari Dealership and Crashes Corvette


Woman Speeds out of Ferrari Dealership and Crashes Corvette

A very bizarre accident involving a yellow C6 Corvette occurred Saturday night in Norwood, Mass. Police say a woman driving the yellow Corvette came out of out a Ferrari dealership and lost control. The Corvette hit two other vehicles, flipped and hit a light pole before coming to rest upside down.

A witness to the accident told Boston’s NewsCenter 5 that the woman in Corvette races cars for a living and had apparently stopped at a Chevrolet dealership looking for a faster car. The dealership didn’t have what she was looking for so she went over to another dealership to test drive a Ferrari.

The witness told the reporter that “something happened at the Ferrari dealership” that caused the woman to leave. She peeled out and then crashed a short distance away.

The woman driving the Corvette was airlifted to a local hospital and another victim that was in one of the cars struck by the Corvette was taken to an area hospital. No word on the severity of their injuries and police are still investigating the crash.


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