The Eldorette: a $200,000 Eye-Searing Testament to Hideous Crap


The Eldorette: a $200,000 Eye-Searing Testament to Hideous Crap

Article contributed by John Coyle / Corvette Forum

First, the good news: there’s apparently only one of these monstrosities. The bad news is everything else. The Eldorette is a combination of C3 Corvette and Cadillac Eldorado, and perfectly illustrates that some things – handguns and tequila, for example – just shouldn’t be put together. The seller claims over $200K was dumped into the construction, which is as crazy as it is sad.

The Vette’s chassis and engine were retained, but every other inch of the car has been molested with fiberglass, vinyl, and in the case of the interior, approximately six acres of red velour. The best use I can see for this car is as some kind of punishment vehicle for people convicted of drunk driving or similar vehicular crimes. As part of their restitution, they’d have to spend six months driving this piece of crap, and hopefully come to associate being behind the wheel with such terrible shame they’d spend the rest of their days riding the bus.

The Eldorette: a $200,000 Eye-Searing Testament to Hideous Crap The Eldorette: a $200,000 Eye-Searing Testament to Hideous Crap The Eldorette: a $200,000 Eye-Searing Testament to Hideous Crap
The Eldorette: a $200,000 Eye-Searing Testament to Hideous Crap The Eldorette: a $200,000 Eye-Searing Testament to Hideous Crap The Eldorette: a $200,000 Eye-Searing Testament to Hideous Crap

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  1. I love my vette and love Cadillacs my daddy raised me on all GM products but holy crap what was he thinking, not a pretty sight…

  2. Hi John,

    I completely agree with your opinion on the Eldorette. I certainly think of many better ways to spend 200K. It’s not like the combo of Peanut butter and Jelly. You think that you could do a post about superchargers? I would like that.

  3. Gotta love it ! I would not have built this…but there was a lot of Personal Satisfaction gained by the owner/builder. You just gotta give an ‘A’ for effort. $200 Grand !!?? I love my VETTE, but , I would have had to get a CORVETTE handmade just for me ! Just think what could be stuffed under the hood for just $75,000.

  4. Um… uh… ok… I don’t see it so much as a mixture of parts, as much as a mixture of design language… which in turn sounds pretty obscene!

    Normally, I will laud craftsmanship in a project of this nature, but even that is sketch, because of the sheer ugliness of the finished product.

    The lines are clumsy, very amateurish in both execution and design. It looks like a comic book interpretation, or something a 12 YO would draw. The proportions are off, the lines collide in different directions and the overall feel is just that of a tragic train wreck.

    The red crushed velvet interior is screaming “CUSTOM VAN!”. I think 1978 want’s it upholstery back. The stereo install is an absolute insult, considering the supposed $200k build cost. Finally… why have this much money invested in a car of this nature and have, what appears to be, a basically stock engine?

    Save this car. Buy it for pennies on the dollar, throw away that body and get a new 1963 GS body for it, build up a motor – say a cool LT5 or the LS7? Toss in a modern drive line and there you have it. A real Corvette project that is truly inspired by the heritage of the car and not some myopic vision of one person with more money than taste.

    Sorry if I am harsh, but this really takes the cake.

  5. This is living proof, if any were needed, that the presence of $$ does NOT equal the presence of good taste.

    There are many words to describe this … this … well, this vehicle, but none of them are suitable for a general forum. =(

    Truly icky…

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