Corvette America Shows How to Restore and Recover Your 1970-75 Corvette Seats


Corvette America Shows How To Recover Your 1970-75 Corvette Seats

The seats in your classic Corvette are one of the areas that tend to get worn down over the years. Worn seats not only affect the look of your Corvette, but a sagging seat with no support can also affect your driving experience. If you’re planning on restoring your seats, check out this great new 4-part video series from Corvette America on how to restore and recover seats for 1970-75 Corvettes.

Corvette America has been making seat covers for Corvettes since 1982 and today their US-based plant manufactures seat covers for 1959-2004 Corvettes. If you are a stickler for detail, you’ve come to the right place as the process they follow is the same that was used when your Corvette was originally assembled. Here is a 2-minute preview of the full 35-minute video series.

In the full video series, Corvette America shows step by step how to remove the old hardware, seat tracks, foam, frame and seat covers and the process to restore the parts and reassemble, giving you a complete set of new seats ready to mount in your Corvette. All of the hardware and installation kits as well as seat covers and foam are available from Corvette America.

For those of us who aren’t the most mechanically gifted, Corvette America can take the hassle out the project and can recover your seats for you. Their installation experts can restore your seats for you in as little as two weeks and the workmanship is guaranteed for a full year.

For Corvette America’s full product line, visit to request a free catalog today or call them at 800-458-3475.


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