More Corvette Personalization: Choose Your Own VIN


More Corvette Personalization: Choose Your Own VIN

Fans of Corvette and readers of this blog are familiar with the extra attention Corvette owners can receive from the factory as well as some of the advanced personalization options when buying a new Corvette. If you thought the ZR1/Z06 Engine Build Experience was cool, wait until you hear about the new PIN RPO. Yes, Corvette owners can now choose your own VIN. This is great for collectors who want to match an older Corvette’s sequence number with a brand new Corvette. The special RPO does come with a hefty price of $5,000 and like the Engine Build Program, you’ll be working a Corvette concierge to coordinate the special order.

I’m sure many are asking why would you want to choose your own VIN sequence number? When the Corvette turned 50 years old in 2003, We saw several collectors match their 2003 50th Anniversary Editions to the same sequence of their 1953 Corvette. But you really had to be someone special to get this done in the past.

Now, there are some conditions that must align for you to be able to get the VIN sequence of your choice. After agreeing to the $5,000 fee, a Corvette Concierge will contact you to get the requested VIN. They will then determine whether or not the request can be honored within the current production timing. You won’t be able to order out of sequence. It must fall within the natural assignment of VIN numbers.

Dealers are starting to promote the new option already and this morning we received a copy of this official communication from GM to Corvette dealers:

Introducing Corvette Exclusive Customer’s Selectable VIN Ending Option – RPO: PIN

As many of you already know, Corvette customers are unique automobile aficionados who seek to differentiate and personalize their specific Corvette model. Chevrolet feels it is important to offer a wide variety of accessories and personalization options for customers to accomplish this goal. Examples of this include the option to take delivery through the National Corvette Museum, or the opportunity to produce their Corvette Z06 or ZR1 engine through the Corvette Engine Build Experience.

These options have proven to be very popular, but some customers have expressed a desire to have a unique ending number assigned to their Corvette’s Vehicle Identification Number. For example, a customer may have a classic 1963 Corvette with a VIN ending in 1400, and seeks a new Corvette with the same matching VIN ending number. Up to this point, the VIN assignment for a customer’s new Corvette would have been a random process; but under a new program called Customer’s Selectable VIN Ending Option, customer can request a specific VIN ending number for their new production vehicle as long as the request falls within Corvette’s natural production sequence.

Similar to the Corvette Engine Build Experience (RPO: PBC), dealers who submit a customer sold order with RPO: PIN will be contacted by the Corvette Concierge. The concierge will collect the customer information and the requested VIN ending number. The concierge will then pass the information over to Chevrolet to determine whether the request can be honored within the appropriate production timing. If it is determined the request can be honored, the concierge will confirm the information with the dealer, and the order will proceed through production. When the vehicle is produced, the invoice will include a Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $5000 for the Customer’s Selectable VIN Ending Option (RPO: PIN).

If the request CANNOT be honored, the RPO: PIN will be removed from the order, and the dealer and customer will have the option to cancel the order or proceed with the order’s production with a naturally-selected sequenced VIN ending assignment.

It is important to note that selecting the RPO: PIN will not cause an order to be expedited or produced out of the normal production sequencing process. If the customer and dealer agree to the specific VIN ending, the vehicle will incur the $5000 MSRP charge regardless of whether the transaction between the customer and dealer is completed.

Obviously, this program is designed for the ultimate Corvette enthusiast who wishes to take personalization to another level.

The new PIN RPO is not yet available for ordering, but it should be ready to go shortly. If you’re interested in selecting your VIN, contact our friends at Kerbeck Corvette to get started. Call Dave Salvatore at 877-537-2325 or visit them on the web at Make sure you tell him CorvetteBlogger sent you!


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