[VIDEO] 1960 #3 Le Mans Corvette Documentary ‘The Quest’ to Premiere in Carlisle on May 6, 2011


[VIDEO] 1960 #3 Le Mans Corvette Documentary The Quest to Premiere in May

When the class-winning 1960 #3 Briggs Cunningham Corvette returned to France in 2010, it marked the 50th anniversary of its historic victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Filmmaker Michael Brown documented the dream of renowned Corvette enthusiast Chip Miller in this feature-length saga of machine and man as well as the promise of a son to fulfill his father’s wish that was 50 years in the making. “The Quest” will make its worldwide premiere at Carlisle, PA on May 6th with proceeds benefiting the Chip Miller Charitable Foundation.

The documentary weaves together the stories that led to last summer’s emotional reunion in LeMans, France. A historic race car that was condemned to decades of obscurity was found after years of searching, restored and ultimately reunited with its 92 year old former driver.

The premiere of the film with take place at the Carlisle Theater on Friday, May 6th at 7:30pm. Seating will be limited so RSVP today. Tickets to the Premiere can be purchased through the film’s website: Quest Documentary.

We are told that this will be the only theater showing of “The Quest” so get your tickets now and help the Chip Miller Charitable Foundation continue its fight against the rare disease Amyloidosis.

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  1. Many thanks to CorvetteBlogger.com for supporting our big push! We’re really excited for this once in a lifetime opportunity. CorvetteBlogger.com has supported us on the Le Mans effort since day one – THANK YOU!

    Life is good,

    Lance Miller

  2. This movie will run approximately one hour and twenty five minutes and will cover the full story of the 1960 LeMans race and the first-time appearance of Corvettes in that most prestigious of all races.
    The story spans 50 years since the #3 Cunningham Corvette won its class and placed 8th overall. The #3 car and the other Corvettes, all vanished for decades after the race. ‘The Quest’ re-traces what happened to each of them and the people involved tell much of the story. It then focuses on Chip Miller’s dream of finding, acquiring, restoring and ultimately returning #3 to France to mark the 50th anniversary of its historic win. Along the way, it chronicles Chip’s untimely death and Lance Miller’s quest to fulfill his father’s dream, which had been cut short.
    DVDs will be produced later this year, and a television deal will be sought. But for now, the only way to see this remarkable Corvette Racing/ compelling human interest story is to attend the premiere in Carlisle on Friday, May 6th. Your attendance will also benefit the Chip Miller Charitable Foundation.

    We welcome your support and possible attendance at the premiere.

    Michael Brown
    ‘The Quest’

  3. I think you will find that you will make far more money once the DVD is released. Only so many people can make it out to Carlisle. I can’t wait to see it.

  4. Is there a mailing list of those wanting to purchase this DVD when available. Being from Australia this is a must have for me.

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