[VIDEO] Corvette Z06 vs GT500 vs GT-R: Motor Trend’s 5-Figure Supercar Shootout


[VIDEO] Corvette Z06 vs GT500 vs GT-R: Motor Trend's 5-Figure Supercar Shootout

Motor Trend put together an interesting comparison test for finding the best sub-$100,000 supercar. Stepping up to the challenge was Chevrolet’s Corvette Z06, Ford’s Shelby GT500 and Nissan’s GT-R. The three cars met at the Streets of Willow where World Challenge GT champion Randy Pobst spent the day hot-lapping these cars in the high desert of California.

The three cars are similar in terms of power, but are vastly different in how its applied. The $55,330 Shelby GT500 leads the way at 550 horses but it also weighs 3,801 lbs. The $90,950 Nissan GT-R packs 530 horsepower from its twin-turbo V6 and is the heaviest at 3,898 lbs. It’s also the only car in the lineup that has all-wheel drive and a dual clutch transmission. The $98,010 Corvette Z06 has the lowest rated engine at 505 hp but it’s also the lightest car coming in with a curb weight of 3,253 lbs.

Motor Trend starts off the challenge with a trip to the drag strip to see how these three cars would do in a quarter-mile:

In this next video, World Challenge GT champion Randy Pobst takes all three cars around the Streets of Willow and he gives his impressions of each during and after the hotlaps. There is a lot of serious eye-candy in this 20 minute video as well a 500 hp+ candy for your ears as well so pay attention!

You could tell that Pobst enjoyed driving the Corvette. After his laps, he said that he ran the track with the Z06s traction control off, saying that “controls are cheating”. I, for one, would be interested in seeing his times with the traction control turned on. Could that be the factor that makes up the difference of .18 between the GT-R and the Z06 on the 1.8 mile road course?

All in all Motor Trend puts together another great comparison. The GT-R lives up to its “Godzilla” nickname and it is without a doubt an automotive engineering marvel. The Z06 went out and did exactly what it was meant to do. It was tops in lateral acceleration and the carbon ceramic brakes lived up to their reputation. Give me a track where the throttle can stay open longer and I’m already thinking rematch.

Make sure you visit Motor Trend to read the full comparison.

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  1. I agree; it would be interesting what he would have ran with the traction controls on… kind of like Justin Bell found out in the ZR1 in his Sept. 2010 Motor Trend test…

  2. I HATE THE GT 500 It Sucks Everyone thinks its the best even with this proof people still don’t care if their a FORD Fan

  3. Pretty good vids. Too many artsy cuts ruined the momentum of the piece. Editors and acting….yeah.

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