Corvette Central Introduces Correct Motor Mounts for C2 & C3 Corvettes


Corvette Central Introduces Correct Motor Mounts for C2 & C3 Corvettes

Our friends at Corvette Central sent us a release touting their new C2 & C3 motor mounts. As many classic Corvette owners know, finding quality reproduction parts can be difficult and there are a lot of inferior products out there that just don’t do the job. If you’re spending thousands on a restoration or project, why settle for cheap aftermarket parts when you can get quality parts that were specifically designed for Corvettes.

Corvette Central looked at the motor mounts that were on the market and found that most do not compare to the original factory mounts in terms of material thickness and design. So they came up with a better version that is now the most correct appearing and performing motor mount on the market today.

Corvette Central now offers a non-locking motor mount for 1963-69 Corvettes and the locking motor mount for 1970-1982 Corvettes.

The locking mount was used in other Chevrolet vehicles equipped with small block or big block engines as well. Some of those vehicles include the Camaro, Nova, El Camino, Chevelle and Malibu.

Corvette Central offers over 40,000 parts, 3,000 of which are made in-house at their Sawyer, Michigan factory. Also, make sure you check out the “Happy Hour” deal of the week on every Friday from 3-5pm EST.


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  1. Awesome! We’re restoring a 1977 Vette and I’m sure this kind of thing will come in handy for us later on in this project.


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