Corvette ZR1 Named One of the Top 5 Most Collectible Cars of the Future


Corvette ZR1 Named one of the Top 5 Most Collectible Cars of the Future

Hagerty Insurance CEO McKeel Hagerty was asked which current crop of new cars will be the future’s most collectible. His list names the Corvette ZR1 as #2 behind the Dodge Viper. Rounding out the top 5 is the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, Ford GT and the Porsche Carrera GT.

In adding the Corvette ZR1 to this list, Hagerty said:

“This is the Corvette that elevated the model into a new class of world class sports cars. Nowhere has this news been more prominently displayed than on the recent ZR1, the most powerful Corvette to date. And unlike the big block screamers of the 1960s, like the L88, the ZR1 is totally trackable and downright docile.”

Picking which cars will be a future collectible is for the most part a crap-shot. But knowing Corvette owners and the popularity of the brand among collectors, we say the C6 ZR1 is a safe bet to be crossing the auction blocks 30 years from now. The real question is within that time-span, will the ZR1 reach or surpass its original MSRP of $105,000-$120,000?

What do you think?

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  1. To some extent the question might be, 30 years from now, whether you’ll be able to put gas in them. If you can’t drive it is it worth money. The newer cars aren’t nearly as easy to wrench on in your garage either which could very well be a limiting factor to a larger collector base??? All joking aside the list is interesting.

  2. I think you’ve read this list backward. If you go on to the full article on CNBC, you’ll see the Dodge Viper is listed at #10. The ZR1 is at #9.

    Think about it. Why would a Viper be more collectable than a Ford GT of which less than 5000 examples were produced? Or a Porsche Carrera GT with less than 2000 produced?

    Looking at the list in the correct order, the top five are:
    5. Lamborghini Reventon
    4. Bugatti Veyron
    3. Ferrari Enzo
    2. Ferrari F40
    1. McLaren F1

    This makes more sense. I’m not knocking the Viper or the ZR1 mind you. Personally, I’d rather have the ZR1 over the McLaren F1 if given the choice. Just pointing out that the rarity alone makes these five more desirable from a collector’s standpoint.

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