[POLL] Will You Be Able to Watch the ALMS Races on ESPN3.com?


[POLL] Will You Be Able to Watch the ALMS races on ESPN3.com?

Earlier this week, the American Le Mans Series announced a multi-year television package with ABC/ESPN. For 2011, ABC is expected to air coverage of the races at Sebring, Road America, Baltimore and Petit Le Mans. These races will also be re-aired on ESPN2. ESPN2 will feature 2-hour telecasts of races at Long Beach, Lime Rock, Mosport, Mid Ohio and Monterey. All the races will stream live in their entirety on ESPN3.com but there lies the rub: ESPN3.com is only available if you get your television/internet through one of their approved carriers.

Here is my situation: I’m a DirecTV subscriber that gets internet through Time-Warner’s Road Runner. Although Time-Warner is an approved cable provider, because I don’t subscribe to their digital TV package, I don’t get ESPN3.

Will You Be Able to Watch the ALMS Races on ESPN3.com?

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I see a lot of people are not happy with this deal because of the ESPN3 component. Although ESPN may be considered an upgrade to SPEED in terms of viewers, the problem is that there are just not that many options avaialble that will suit the needs of the series AND network as well as keep the fans happy.

ALMS President Scott Atherton held a teleconference with media to discuss the new deal. It was tweeted that Atherton admits the mixed fan response to the new deal and confirmed that the live race stream will be available on AmericanLemans.com. He also said that Canada will have access to the broadcast as well. ”

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  1. We can’t watch the web-cast on ESPN3.com because the service is not available to Canada? Very Short sighted for sure!!!

  2. I like SPEED and their commentators (although I would have preferred some extra spotlight on the only competitive American cars in the races), but with Xbox Live’s ESPN agreement, I should be able to watch through there.

  3. I hate this deal. We are screwed here in fly over country. As a very loyal Corvette guy, I am very frustrated. What does Corvette Racing feel about this deal? Will the 24 hours at Le Mans be on Speed TV?

  4. Xbox Live + Cox cable allows me to easily watch the races on the big screen here in “flyover country”. I can understand why some fans are upset about the deal though. I just lucked into having the right services.

  5. Your right mike weisgram, What does Corvette Racing think of this deal? What are the other team’s thinking? People are saying this the way of the future, that’s all well in good, I’m fine with it, but that doesn’t mean people will sit down in front of there tv/internet and watch more, or for longer period of time.

  6. So are we saying you can no longer see them on speed, as I do now? Will I have to get espn?

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