[VIDEO] Corvette Engineer Discusses the ZR1’s Exposed Carbon Fiber


[VIDEO] Corvette Engineer Discusses the ZR1's Exposed Carbon Fiber

When the Corvette ZR1 was first introduced to the public in 2008, one of the features causing a huge buzz in the automotive world was the exposed carbon fiber roof and the very expensive UV-resistant clear coat (said to cost $60,000 per gallon) that keeps the carbon fiber from cracking and yellowing in the sun. In this video, Corvette engineer Mark Voss talks about that clear coat covering that acts like a sunscreen to protect the panel for the life of the car.

I love these GM produced videos that both introduce us to a member of the Corvette design and engineering team as well as teaches us about a production process that is so key in the success of the ZR1. Keep ’em coming!

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