1954 Corvette To Run in La Carrera Panamericana


1954 Corvette To Run in La Carrera Panamericana

Beginning on October 22nd, the 60th Anniversary of La Carrera Panamericana will commence with 100 vintage racecars lining up on a grid in the Southern Mexico for a seven day sprint covering nearly 2000 miles. In previous years we’ve covered the Corvette entries and earlier this week we learned that one of the entrants in this 1954 Corvette.

The 1954 Corvette is entered in the “Original Panamericana” class and will be piloted by Bill Peter and John Schantz of Wisconsin. With its Polo White paint, red wire wheels and featuring the #12, the car is decked in nearly identical livery of the very first Corvette to race in the La Carrera Panamericana in 1954.

Once dubbed the most dangerous auto race in the world due to the number of crashes and fatalities during its early years, La Carrera Panamericana today is much tamer with runs on paved roads through the beautiful Mexican countryside. But 2000 miles is still a long way for vintage cars to race and all sorts of mechanical issues and driving errors happen.

We’ll try to bring updates of Bill and John’s 1954 Corvette as well as any others that show up once the race officially kicks off on Friday, October 22nd.

La Carrera Panamerican

[PICS] Corvettes of 2009’s La Carrera Panamericana



  1. Burn Rubber #12 –

    Blast those
    Garage Matrons!
    Hanger Queens!
    Trailer Princesses!

    Hail Zora – He Drove Cars!

  2. Burn Rubber # 12!

    Blast Those
    Garage Matrons !
    Hanger Queens !
    Trailer Princesses !

    Zora Drove Cars !

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