[VIDEO] Marriage Proposal Features a Convertible Corvette and the Indy 500


[VIDEO] Marriage Proposal Features a Convertible Corvette and the Indy 500

The hopeless romantic in me just loved this feature. Austin Dillman suprises his race-loving girlfriend Sheri with a marriage proposal “on the bricks” of the Indy 500 the day before the big race. With help from Hare Chevrolet, GM, the Indy 500 and driver Tony Kanaan, Austin’s proposal was well received. Check out the video after the jump to see how he pulled it off.

Some background on how Austin pulled this off:

I knew when I was ready to propose to Sheri that I didn’t want to do anything cliché and had to come up with something tailored to her interests. With the Indy 500 approaching and Sheri being a huge race fan, I decided to plan my proposal around it. I reached out with my idea to a client of ours, Hare Chevrolet, who was holding contests centered around the 500. They were immediately on board and before I knew it, I was connected to executives at Chevrolet and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I also sent some emails out to a few connections of mine and was quickly put in touch with Andretti Racing and Sheri’s favorite driver, Tony Kanaan.

To keep the whole thing a surprise, I wrote a fake email and had my boss send it to me saying he received tickets to a Corvette event from a client, but was going to be out of town and couldn’t attend. The email string, which I later forwarded to Sheri, mentioned that I’d need to take the Flip Cam, record some video and write a customer spotlight piece for our blog. Sheri had no idea what was in store for her the day of the event.

Way to go Austin and Sheri!

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  1. Keith,

    Thanks for picking up Austin’s story. It was really wild to see it come together so smoothly and how it went off without a hitch. The Vette made it even better! He has alot to live up to after this one 🙂

    Chris Theisen
    Director of Digital Communications
    Hare Chevrolet

  2. Hi Keith, thanks for sharing our story! I saw that Hare Chevy retweeted the link to your blog, and I came to check it out. It was an amazing day and it was really wonderful how so many people were willing to help out with my proposal. I’ve made a lot of great connections and friends with people I never would have expected to meet.

    @Chris Draper and MrVette83, thank you for the kind words!

    P.S. I wrote a blog post about it and the great sense of community in Indianapolis: http://bit.ly/d2Y3qH

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